Water Treatment Devices

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Water Treatment Devices

Choose the right water treatment device for you!

Our water treatment units – W&H Multidem and Reverse Osmosis – supplying pure water for the sterilisation process.

High-quality demineralised or distilled water is an important part of the hygiene process. This is because even a slightly increased conductivity of the water can cause deposits, discolouration or corrosion on the instruments as well as in the chambers of the sterilisers.

Whether it is to supply water to one or multiple steriliser’s, our devices ensure consistent performance and extend the life of your instruments and sterilisers. In addition, our devices are flexible to meet other reprocessing room needs, such as instrument rinsing.

Tell us your water conductivity level, the number of sterilisers installed and the average cycles run per day on each steriliser and we will provide the most cost-effective solution.