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Proxeo Prophy

The dental prophylaxis for a beaming smile

Professional tooth cleaning is an effective method, giving your patients a beaming smile. With Proxeo, W&H offers a compact, easy to handle solution to suit your every need, no matter whether it is cleaning, polishing or fluoridating!

Improved visibility and optimum speed

With the small contra-angle head you will always have everything in view – even treatment sites in the distal area.

The rotational speed and the transmission ratio 
of 4:1 enable: 

  • Greater cleaning efficiency
  • Gentle polishing of tooth surfaces
  • No splattering of paste 
Your advantages at a glance
  • Flexible and fast
  • Long lifespan as a result of the unique 
sealing systems
  • Low-maintenance and hygiene-friendly
  • Small head for free visibility
  • Efficient cleaning assured by using 
optimum speeds
  • Ergonomic shape