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Dental air compressors from Dürr Dental have determined the image of dental practices worldwide for around 50 years. Their appearance and exceptional technical performance have always been a notable characteristic as is the oil-free, dry and hygienic air they produce.

With a Dürr compressor you have made a decision in favour of a high-tech unit using Teflon-coated, dry-running pistons which give the compressor its superior reserves of capacity together with a superior low-noise running quality. The Dürr compressor makes sure your surgery produces the very best hygiene and aseptic conditions when treating your patients by preventing the formation of damp conditions that are a fertile breeding ground for microorganisms. In addition, it ensures that the compressed air has a neutral taste.

The Dürr Silver Airline Compressors covers compact units at the entry level, models that can be upgraded for growing requirements, and also high-performance and high-capacity compressors for multi-room dental practices and dental laboratories.

Dürr Dental has combined the complex suction system comprising the suction and the separating machine in a single combination suction unit on one shaft. This is known as a VS unit where V stands for vacuum generator (suction machine) and S stands for separator. The amalgam separator can be integrated with a VSA unit or with an additional amalgam separator.

This advanced technology not only reduces installation costs but also the amount of equipment required. Maximum suction performance is combined with economy, robustness and long service life as well as a reduction in maintenance costs. The ecological benefits are reflected in the high degree of amalgam separation and the fact that rinsing out the suction system with costly drinking water is unnecessary.

Your decision to purchase a Dürr Dental suction system means that you can be sure of reliable performance. Dürr Dental VS suction systems offer an exceptionally wide range of Combination Suction Units and accessories to meet the individual needs of every practice. The planning and technical consultants at East Coast Dental Services will work out the perfect solution for your practice.

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