Newtron Ultrasonic Scaler

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Newtron Ultrasonic Scaler

This Satelec scaler combines ultrasonic technology with a patented Cruise Control System™ that adds outstanding precision, delivering you the right power and control for a variety of applications.

Satelec’s unique colour coding system helps make instrument management simple and stress-free. Tips and instrument wrenches are marked with matching coloured rings. The colours green, blue, yellow and orange represent different power settings on the potentiometer dials and A-dec touch pad. Matching the power level to the tip is easy as can be – with no risk of error.

One of our most popular integrated solutions just made another great leap forward. Acteon’s patented Satelec SP Newtron LED Handpiece offers an autoclavable LED lighting in the handpiece to provide 100,000 lux of white light for superior visibility and tissue recognition with no heat buildup.

Your advantages at a glance
  • Very low up to boost settings (28 – 36 KHz frequency) allow from delicate applications up to boost for prosthodontic applications
  • More than 70 tips available
  • Features automatic frequency control, intelligent feedback and vibration-power regulation in real time
  • Medical grade titanium amplifier guarantees reliability, durability and biocompatibility
  • Lightweight and ergonomically designed handpiece
  • Newtron technology means power, control and reliability
  • Endodontic system available
  • Sterilisable handpiece