Monoart® Eyewear

Monoart® Protective Glasses

Monoart® protective glasses for staff and patients are designed and made to combine maximum safety in every situation with exceptional comfort and stylish designs.


Permanent Univet Double Coating prevents fogging inside the lenses (pursuant to requirement N of the EN 166 standard) and scratching outside. (pursuant to requirement K of the EN 166 standard). No more scratches or fogging, for outstanding performance.


The patented SoftPad frame stems (for the Cube, Cube Orange and Stretch models) offer greater protection, stability and adaptability to the face and can be adjusted to 3 different lengths. The lenses in the orange models reduce eye fatigue.


They are extremely light and have non-slip nose bridges. Versions for fitting over corrective glasses are also available.

Euronda and Univet together to grant you the maximum protection and safety...

From Univet to Euronda and Euronda to you.

Basic treatment ANTI-SCRATCHBasic treatment ANTI-SCRATCH; Protects against scratches and abrasions.

Basic treatment ANTI-FOGBasic treatment ANTI-FOG; Prevents the formation of condensation.

ANTI-SCRATCH PLUS treatmentANTI-SCRATCH PLUS treatment; Constitutes a barrier against surface damage that protects against scratches and abrasions. It is certified according to the requirement of EN166 (Personal Eye Protection Specifications).

ANTI-FOG PLUS treatmentANTI-FOG PLUS treatment; A permanent treatment that prevents the formation of condensation. It is certified according to the requirement of EN166 (Personal Eye Protection Specifications).

ANTI-FOG PLUS treatment

SOFTPAD technology; SoftPad is a patented terminal that has been added to the arm of the eyewear to offer comfort and protection. Thanks to the innovative use of materials and a meticulous design, the ergonomics of these glasses reach a new level of comfort, providing perfect stability to the safety glasses and full adaptability to the face of the user. In addition to the length adjustment of 3 positions, the SoftPad system has a further tilting movement that allows the device to fit perfectly to the user's head. The SoftPad system is supplied with the Monoart® Cube glasses, Monoart® Cube Orange glasses and Monoart® Stretch glasses.

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