LisaSafe Label Printer

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LisaSafe Label Printer

Creating a link to the patient file

The LisaSafe label printer is a quick and easy tool for linking the sterilisation cycle 
and dental products used for treatment with the patient file. 

The label printer is connected to the Lisa “class B” autoclave.
 Bar code labels are only printed if the sterilsation cycle is successfully completed.

Bar code reader included

A bar code reader is included with the LisaSafe.
 This enables you to scan labels into the patient files.

LisaSafe-Traceability pack

Bar code labels can be printed automatically
 or manually.

 The labels are stuck onto the sterile goods packing before the dental products are transferred 
for storage. 

The LisaSafe label printer reduces workloads and minimises the risk of error.

Your advantages at a glance
  • Plug&Play solution – the LisaSafe label printer is connected directly to the Lisa autoclave
  • All of the LisaSafe options are controlled directly via the touchscreen on the Lisa autoclave. As a result, it is not necessary
 to connect anything to a computer
  • The bar code reader is compatible with
 all computers and all dental software