Alegra Straight + Contra-Angle

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Alegra Straight + Contra-Angle

Daylight quality LED+ light for all

Motor on = LED+ on. This trail-blazing innovation is both astonishing and ingenious. An in-built generator acts as the integrated energy source for the LEDs and operates on the same principle as a bicycle dynamo. So Alegra LED+ contra-angle handpieces provide natural daylight quality – regardless of whether the motor is fitted with light or not.

Easier working with LED+

LED+, which compared to conventional LEDs has a much higher colour rendering index. The self-generated LED light is of daylight quality, renders colours naturally and is many times brighter than a conventional halogen light.

Your advantages at a glance
  • Independent sterilisable LED light
  • High colour rendering index of more than 90
  • Robust design
  • Wide product range